Welcome to Yorevale!

A kingdom where kings keep on dying, and their bastard heirs keep on trying to seize the crown. This time it will be different though. 

You and your half-siblings decide that the one to claim the throne will be the one who proves his skills as a builder and a leader. And what better way to prove that than by establishing and running the kingdom’s finest inn? 

So don your fanciest aprons, put on your chef’s hats, grab your spatulas - and get to work! 

In Crossroads Inn: The Board Game you’ll be building your own inn, cooking meals, and trying to cater to the desires of different social groups. Predict - and block! - the moves of your bastard siblings and unscrupulously use gold and gossip to win the favour of the people of Yorevale. There is enough space for many innkeepers in the kingdom - but the king can be only one!

Crossroads Inn: The Board Game

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